Other Information

The official Old Home Week picture will be taken on Wednesday, August 7th at 11:30 A.M. (rain or shine). Copies of the picture may be ordered at the event. Cost of a copy is $25.00 each. 

The annual Greencastle-Antrim Old Home Week Association, Inc. Board of Directors Meeting will be held Friday, August 9that 11:00 A.M. at the Rescue Hose Company Multipurpose Room located in the Fire Station at 842 South Washington Street. Reports of the 40th Triennial Old Home Week will be presented and Officers for the 41st Triennial to be held in 2022 will be announced. This meeting is open to the public and everyone is invited to attend. 

Greencastle-Antrim area Boy Scout Troops, Scouts BSA Troops, Venture Crews, Girl Scout Troops and Cub Scout Packs will be providing food and drink concessions on the Square and at selected Old Home Week events throughout the week. Troop 99 will be operating the food stand on the Square with daily hours. Please check the Official Old Home Week Event listing for hours and special menus for the week. We thank them for their service.

Portable restroom facilities will be located on the BB&T Bank of Greencastle parking lot just off the Square. 

Officers for the 40th Triennial Celebration


President – Andy Everetts

Secretary – Bonnie Shockey 

Treasurer – Carol Christophel

Board of Directors:

Chair – Frank Ervin

Vice  Chair – Greg Hoover

Carol Christophel

Frank Mowen

Jeff Shank


Rev.  Wayne  Warren 


Director’s Emeritus:

Richard“Dick” Fisher


In Memory:


President 29th Triennial Celebration


Former Treasurer

Committee Chairpersons

• Alumni Reunion: Greencastle-Antrim Education Foundation,Cheryl Brown

• Antique Cars: Duane Cunningham

• AntiqueTractors: Logan Horst

• Badges: Brad Barkdoll

• Band Concerts: Candy Mowen & Brock Bricker

• Band Stand: JC Phillippy

• Bicycle Race: Andy Barbuzanes

• BusTours: Greg & Robin Rock

• CommunityWorship: Mandy Stottlemyer

• Concessions: LindaWitmer

• Corn Hole Competition: Lisa Szaflarski

• Decorations: JC Phillippy

• Dog Show: JoannWilliams

• Fireworks: Dave Kipp, Daryl Crunkleton & Mike Garland

• Flower Show: Dolly Shoemaker & Peggy Hayes

• Fred Kaley 5k Run: Rich Secrest &Tom Stine

• Fun Fair: Kristen Sutherin

• Headquarters: Bob & Jeannie Johnston, Registrars &

Headquarters Chairpersons; Gary & Daphine Murray,

Felicia Hollingshead,Assistant Registrars & Headquarter

Chairpersons; John & Sandy Alleman, Linda Burkholder,

Fran Cordell, Harold & Marlene Duffey, Donna Flick, Doug

& Janice Hirniesen,Alma June Hoffman, Josh & Lorraine

Hohl, Kathy Johnson, Helen Keckler, Randy & Sandy Martin,

Mike Mowen, Ed & Nancy Osbaugh. Connie Overcash, Jane

Pensinger, Marvin & Nancy Rice, Carole Stockslager, Barry &

Mandy Stottlemyer, JimThomas, SydnaeVanner

• Loyal Daughters: Dotti Zimmerman

• Martin’s Mill Bridge: John Alleman & AntrimTownship

• Motorcycle Display: Mary Bock

• Moving Logistics: Bob Zeger

• Museum & Reminiscing: Bonnie & Ken Shockey

• Music on the Square: Mike Bock & Greg Hoover

• Official Opening: Julie Rohm

• Official Closing: Jeff Shank, BenThomas & Carol Christophel

• OHW Archivist: Bonnie Shockey

• OHW Picture: Frank Klink

• Old Boys Baseball Game: Todd Barkdoll & BetsyYumlu

• Pageant: Pat Fridgen & Patti Divelbiss

• Paint Night: Julie Rohm

• Parade: John Alleman & Greencastle-Antrim Lions Club

• Photographers: Ken Shockey

• Police Department: Chief John Phillippy

• Program: Garon Gembe

• Publicity: Joyce Nowell & Shawn Hardy

• Rescue Hose Co. Fire/EMS/Fire Police: Kevin Barnes & PaulLeister

• Shindig in the Grove: Wade & Linda Burkholder

• Sound: J Morgan

• Suggestions & Comments: Sara Hollinshead

• Tayamentasachta Environmental Center: Kerri Barnes

• T-shirts & Hats: Tom Stine & Amy Beard

• Three onThree Basketball: Jeremy Barnes

• Unofficial Opening: Vern McCauley

• WalkingTours: Jan Shafer & Dodie Bingaman

• Web-site: Ken Shockey

• Window Displays: Bill Gour

• Women’s Fellowship: Dotti Zimmerman

Cronology of Reunions

Old Boy’s Reunion

August 8, 1902

E.E. Davison, Chairman

Second Triennial 

August 20, 1905

William J. Patton, Chairman

Third Triennial

August 16, 1908

William J. Patton, Chairman


August 15, 1911

William J. Patton, Chairman

Fifth Triennial

August 19, 1914

William J. Patton, Chairman

Sixth Triennial

August 15, 1917

L. H. Fletcher, Chairman

Seventh Triennial 

August 8, 1920

William J. Patton, Chairman

Eighth Triennial

August 5, 1923

J. Gilmore Fletcher, President

Ninth Triennial

August 8, 1926

Chalmers P. Omwake, President

Tenth Triennial

August 11, 1929

Charles  W. Gaff, President EleventhTriennial

Eleventh Triennial

August 7, 1932

G. Fred Zeigler, President

Twelfth Triennial 

August 4, 1935

CharlesW. Carl, President

Thirteenth Triennial

August 7, 1938

H.Watson Davison, President

Fourteenth Triennial 

August 3, 1941

Charles  W. Bert, Jr., President

Fifteenth Triennial

August 5, 1944

Paul R. Foust, President

Sixteenth Triennial

August 6, 1947

B. S.Whitmore, President

Seventeenth Triennial

August 3, 1950

John A.Walker, President

Eighteenth Triennial

August 2, 1953

Arvid E. Minnich, President

Nineteenth Triennial

August 5, 1956

Joshua E. Oliver, President

Dr. Fred L. Schaff,  Acting President

Twentieth Triennial 

August 5, 1959

Charles J.  Witmer, President

Twenty-First Triennial

August 5, 1962

Kenneth C. Gaver, President

Twenty-Second Triennial

August 1, 1965

Harold M. Zimmerman, President

Twenty-Third Triennial

August 4, 1968

Richard L. Fisher, President

Twenty-Fourth Triennial

August 1, 1971

Marvin Miller, President

Twenty-Fifth Triennial

August 4, 1974

Tom K. Fox, President

Twenty-Sixth Triennial

August 7, 1977

Dr. Nelson H. Frank, 

President Paul R. Foust,Acting President

Twenty-Seventh Triennial

August 2, 1980

C. B.  “Lee” Shank, President


August 7, 1983

WayneT. Talhelm, President

Twenty-Ninth Triennial

August 2, 1986

Robert C. Reymer, Jr., President

Thirtieth Triennial

August 5, 1989

Fred L. Oaks, President Thirty-FirstTriennial

Thirty-First Triennial 

August 1, 1992

Frank H. Ervin, President

Thirty-Second Triennial

August 5, 1995

John A.  Wine, President

Thirty-Third Triennial

August 1, 1998

Frank L. Mowen, President

Thirty-Fourth Triennial

August 4, 2001

Robert“Red” Pensinger, President

Thirty-Fifth Triennial

July 31, 2004

C. Gregory Hoover, President

Thirty-Sixth Triennial

August 4, 2007

Jeffrey B. Shank, President

Thirty-Seventh Triennial

July 31, 2010

Benjamin F.Thomas, Jr., President

Thirty-Eighth Triennial 

August 3, 2013

Carol A. Christophel,President

Thirty-Ninth Triennial

August 6, 2016

J. Edgar (“Ed”)Wine, President

Fortieth Triennial

August 3, 2019

Andy Everetts, President