Old Home Week 2016

39th Triennial Celebration

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Old Home Week Association

39th Triennial Celebration

August 6-13, 2016

It's over!


The Official Program will stay on the website for a while as an example of the OHW activities throughout the week.


2019 Officers - (left to right)

    Bonnie Shockey, Secretary,

    Andy Everetts, President,

    Carol Christophel, Treasurer

Count Down to Next OHW Aug 2019

In celebrating each Triennial Old Home Week, the Greencastle-Antrim Community is maintaining a tradition which dates back to September 5, 1901 when the late Professor Philip E. Baer, then a noted concert singer, wrote to local papers suggesting that an "Old Boys' Reunion" be held from August 10th to 20th, 1902.


The Old Home Week Celebration has been held without interruption since 1902. We honor our founder Philip E. Baer and the past Presidents and Association Members, both living and dead, who have perpetuated the idea of an "Old Boys' Reunion."    more history



"Suggestion Box" is a means by which the Old Home Week Association can receive feedback from the public about their personal experiences, suggestions, and ideas.



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