Badge Selection for 2019


Spring House at Ebbert Spring

 The spring house sits on the future site of the Ebbert Spring Archaeological Preserve and Heritage Park.  The farmhouse was built in the 1750's  by William Allison, father of John Allison, founder of Greencastle.

The artifacts range from prehistoric to early contact with white men.  The archaeological artifacts are housed in Allison-Antrim Museum’s climate-controlled storage area.

Trails will be created with archaeological, historical, geological, ecological, and environmental history kiosks throughout the property. The trails will be completed by Old Home Week 2019.

The image will be made into a badge featuring red, white and blue ribbons.  It will cost $6.00 and will provide admission to all events of the 2019 triennial celebration.

Badge committee chair, Brad Barkdoll

Badge design, Andy Barbuzanes