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OHW Planning - 1914 – The Old Home Week Committee held a meeting in Council Hall on April 30, 1914 to discuss plans for the upcoming 5th Triennial which would be scheduled for August 10-17. John Easton of Pittsburgh earlier had been named to chair the leadership position for the upcoming celebration. The committee continued working on the program, and suggestions were gladly received. The following month, Chairman Easton had made no formal announcement, however it was understood that a main feature of the reunion would be the presentation to the town of a handsome and permanent memorial. The exact nature of the memorial was kept a secret and would not be made known until a later date.

Old Boys’ Memorial Water Fountain Presentation – Undaunted by a temperature of 94 degrees, humidity approaching 100 percent, and occasional showers of rain, the formal exercises of the 1914 Old Boys’ Reunion were held in Center Square on Tuesday morning, August 11, 1914, during which the handsome granite drinking fountain was presented to the town. A small platform had been erected in the southeast corner of the Center Square, in front of the Heilman block. Exercises began promptly after a photograph of the large crowd assembled there had been taken from the roof of the First National Bank building. Watson Davison, Esq. acted as master of ceremonies, and in his characteristically witty manner, he introduced the speakers for the event. Elmer J. Cook, Esq., of Towson, Maryland gave the presentation address, dedicating the granite drinking fountain to the service of Greencastle as a perpetual reminder of the esteem and affection of the Old Boys. Mr. Cook’s address evoked much applause from the large crowd.  He was followed by Borough Solicitor C.H. Clippinger, who, on behalf of the town and townsfolk, accepted the gift in a brief but gracious speech.


Initially the fountain rested on a substantial concrete base within the southeast corner of the Square in front of the Clary building. The fountain had three sanitary bubblers to serve deliciously cool water to thirsty folks passing by. A bronze plaque was installed at the front of the top section of the fountain. The inscription on the plaque reads; “Presented to the Citizens of Greencastle by the Old Boys who in reunion assembled here August 10-17, 1914 in testimony of their everlasting devotion.” Of note, it is documented that the original three sanitary bubbler system was replaced with a single fountain head within a year of the fountain being placed in service. This was primarily due to alleviate water pressure issues and also improve sanitary conditions. The fountain would remain at this location for the next 36 years.

Memorial Fountain Moved to Jerome King Playground – At the August 1950 annual meeting of the OHW Association, it was recommended that the fountain be moved from the southeast corner of the Square to the Jerome King Playground. This request was presented to town council at its September 8, 1950 meeting with a motion made and carried that the fountain be moved. A suitable base and necessary water pipes would be placed by the borough. At the September 12, 1950 meeting of the Jerome King Playground Association it was reported that the OHW Association wanted to move the fountain to the playground. The memorial fountain was graciously accepted by the Playground Association and placed in front of the original Shelter House facing North Carlisle Street to replace a smaller fountain that had been located there for some time. Now the handsome granite drinking fountain that served refreshing cool water on the Square would do the same for many hundreds of thirsty children playing at the Playground.


When the fountain was moved to the Playground, it was also decided at that time to extend the water line from the existing small fountain to a suitable location near third base of what is now Barkdoll Field. The original small fountain was re-located here to better serve baseball teams and fans alike. It seems only fitting that the memorial drinking fountain will once again, for the second time, be moved to replace the small fountain which has been at this location since the 1950 move.


Rededication of Memorial Water Fountain – The Jerome King Playground Board of Directors takes great pleasure in announcing a re-dedication ceremony that will take place at the Playground on Wednesday, August 10, 2016 at 3:00 P.M. in the afternoon. The granite drinking fountain that was presented to the town by the Old Boys some 102 years ago has been cleaned and refurbished to reflect some of its original beauty, and has been relocated as previously mentioned. Also, the original bronze plaque has been completely restored and re-mounted on the front portion of the fountain.



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